This week in our weekly Social War research we take a look at the very successful crowdsourcing activities of Zeeman on Instagram. Where other retailers are facing heavy weather in their online and offline sales, Zeeman sees their courage rewarded by the engagement of its followers.


Ask for help
In their latest online campaign, Zeeman puts their latest household textiles as well as their customers in the spotlight. They ask their followers to send a picture of the latest Zeeman fashion in their home, using the hashtag #homewith for their campaign. You and Zeeman, in the spotlight together. Crowdsourcing has proven to be a successful way to get inspired by your very own followers these past few years. It has, for instance, previously been used by:

Dell, who invited their followers to think of new ideas for new ideas for social innovations.

Starbucks, who asked their followers for suggestions concerning social involvement.

Unilever, who asked their followers for help regarding corporate social responsibility.

Crowdsourcing was even used as a means in the search of the missing Malaysia Airlines Airplane.

Social Crowdsourcing
Zeeman follows in the footsteps of many innovative multinationals. It raises great expectations, and Zeeman lives up to them with an easy accessible and very effective campaign. With #thuisbij, Zeeman launches a campaign on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube. Zeeman rewards the entrants by having them play a small part in commercials of the #thuisbij campaign. The commercials shows the proud customers of Zeeman with their latest purchases. This way of interacting provides inspiration for the brand straight from its own followers.

The findings of our Social War research are very positive. The Instagram account of Zeeman shows an increase of 146% in only one week’s time. #thuisbij proves to be a great success already for the online engagement with followers.


Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 12.32.54


Zeeman twitter


Zeeman twitter


Zeeman pintrest


Zeeman youtube


Instagram zeeman

Guts are rewarded
Zeeman shows not to be afraid to open up its brand for their followers with this #thuisbij campaign. Where some retailers are still holding on to the security of familiar marketing means, Zeeman successfully chooses a different road.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 12.12.35

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