How do Dutch women dress at work?

For the women’s fashion retail chain Promiss we made an application that supports their strategic redefinition. Promiss repositions itself as the fashion friend for women that have a busy life and need to be prepared for every occasion. You have to go to work, maybe bring the children to school and have a fancy dinner after work. Under time and maybe budget pressure, you do not have the luxury of dressing up three times. So Promiss presents you clothing that suits all these occasions. Never underdressed, never overdressed.

Kleren maken de vrouw - Promiss

To claim this open position in the Dutch fashion market, we developed an app using both Facebook and Linkedin as supporting networks. We target the professional woman that likes to make clear choices. Based upon five profiles we created a test. It determines in what function and what industry women work. After that they’re being asked seven questions that determine their thoughts and feelings regarding fashion and the professional environment. The result is that each participant gets a profile type with a description and a link to real clothes in the online webshop of Promiss. There the client is being shown selections from the current selection that represent their profile.

Promiss women fashion at Linkedin

To promote this campaign we have used emailings and in store communications and promotions on all proprietary outlets. Also in collaboration with Linkedin we have setup promotions and a live poll in Linkedin. Everything embraces the idea of professional women and fashion attitudes. A clear niche that Promiss is happy to fill in for all Dutch women.

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