goes emo-social!

The digital afterlife goes social and so does Respectance!
With the launch of the new Facebook application Respectance integrates their existing community with social network Facebook.

On Respectance, users can instantly create a personalized Tribute for someone who passed away or has been missed for many years already.
Family and friends come together on Respectance to share their favourite memories and relive those irreplaceable moments.

What does the Respectance Facebook Application offer?
– Login via Facebook – Create and share tributes
– Read, share and comment on stories of others who have been touched by similar life experiences
– Create your own tribute calendar – Indicate how a tribute is connected to you:
1. in memory of a beloved person: family, friend, idol or unrelated
2. in memory of a favorite pet
3. in memory of an important event

(Welcome page of the Respectance Facebook application)

(Personal tribute calendar)

(Overview of all tributes)

Try the Respectance Facebook application now!


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