Sexual revolution on Facebook: Bang With Friends

A while ago we wrote a post about hookup app Grindr and the direction it’s going. A few weeks ago there’s a new player in the market. Bang With Friends. Coded by a few college kids in a weekend.

Call it a frat-boy-centric idea… however its simplicity makes it ingenious. Bang With Friends is a Facebook app that facilitates no-risk hookups with people on your friends list. In fact, it makes finding a mate as easy as window-shopping on Pinterest:

  • Install the app
  • Indicate who you’d like to bang
  • No one ever knows
  • Unless they installed that app as well AND happen to say that they’d like to bang you to
  • When so, both of you receive an e-mail

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 10.01.35 AM

Bang with friends is solving one of the biggest problems in social networking: How do you have an intimate conversation in a room full of your family? And how do you leverage all this amazing connectivity to take a leap of faith, without leaving a permanent, devastating trail of evidence?

Since launching a few weeks ago with no marketing budget to speak of, half a million users have clicked their “down to bang” button 9 million times (or about 15 times apiece). The app has facilitated as many as 100,000 hookups.

Now ask yourself; Which friend would you like to bang?

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 10.00.46 AM


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