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UGG for my ValentineWhat to do if you’re a brand that’s a big hype around the world and that has a place at the feet of a lot of fashionable women? In the Benelux they had not done a lot of social campaigns, but the first steps had to be made. The fans love them, and they want to return this love.

Together with the UGG team we arranged a date before Valentine. It should allow the fans of UGG to let them tell why they love each other so much and why they deserve warm feet. Of course, the new line of loafers had to be promoted and with the nice furry inside these are sure warmers of your feet.

So to bring this message from your heart to end up at your feet, we made a smart mechanism. On a special web app site we allowed the fans to share their messages and photos. And even include their lovers, to whom the message was sent. They could do this by logging in with email, or with the social media account of choice. We also allowed for direct messages from any network, ranging from Facebook to Instagram to Twitter. As long as they used the hashtag #uggformyvalentine it would be sucked up by our web app.

The results were pretty awesome. In less than two weeks the PTAT (interactive -ness ratio) of the brand UGG went skyhigh. We went over 500% of the normal average. A sure success that promises more for the future.

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