Verrekte Mongol

verrekte mongol

verrekte mongol


Coolcat, a chain of clothing stores for youngsters, has a big challenge. Be in touch with youth culture. Anybody with youngsters in his surroundings knows how quickly they change. That is why this clothing company always needs to move fast. Not just feel and think what its buyers want to have, but also produce and distribute it. Constant pressure.

The world is changing fast and the younger you are, the faster it seems to go. So fast sometimes that older people are totally not in touch with what youth wants. This store is. Big media showdown now: the words “verrekte mongol” [damned retard] on tees is selling as if these are Lady Gaga shiny leggings. Kids recognize this as a big theme from famous underground series “NKOTB”. If you are above 25 most likely you do not even know what that is. Still the older people are hurt and protest these t-shirts. I need to have one too, just to annoy those “peace and freedom sixties” babyboomers. Order them online here.


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