JC Rags | How manly are you?

War goal: embrace masculinity for J.C. Rags

Strategy & tactics: do the man test and win the ultimate weekend for men

Battle achievements: real MEN on Facebook!


The world’s first men only page on Facebook. For a fashion label we embraced masculinity as key trademark. Finally manhood got its own place.

ARE YOU MAN ENOUGH?…is a place for men to share what is on their minds, and discuss the world around them. There is an unwritten code between men, that all men get, even with just one word, one lift of an eyebrow or one simple action.

It’s for fun, but it will also be really interesting, and the more people that get involved and “like” it, the better. Men talking about the stuff we like (or hate), and a place for you to share your opinions on football gossip, the chicks you love, advise on partying tips, the food you like, the fashion you love, the fashion you hate, favourite beers, best cocktails, cool art, the right way to groom, the latest gadgets, man movies, funny stuff, serious current affairs and everything else in our man world. You can be as open as you like, your girlfriend won’t see it! Find out if you’re man enough?! Do the Man test


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