Bullshit is the biggest danger for you.


People should care about the truth. Don’t pretend it is something else. The truth is often actively denied.

We’re in an age where there’s another alternative to the truth and that’s bullshit. People just talk. If they don’t talk, they don’t get paid.

Advertising needs to generate sales and politicians need to win votes. That’s why they do this.

When people have nothing valid to say, they say whatever they think will interest the audience. Eventually what comes out is bullshit


The bullshitter is more creative, not submissive.

It’s not important what the world is like. More important is how he would like to represent himself. He rather shows how he wants the world to be. The bullshitter is more adventurous and has an inventive attitude towards reality. That can be very amusing.


But also dangerous. Bullshit is a manner to manipulate the truth. It’s less identifiable than a lie. The lie makes a specific move. Politicians lie and bullshit constantly. When they’re caught in a lie there’s a big commotion. There’s no corresponding response to bullshit. There’s no finding it out, no uncovering it. It’s accepted, it’s practically the new normal. It tends to undermine the respect for truth.

99.8% of scientists say there’s climate change. A lot of politicians say it’s not true.


The assertion that something has been established scientifically no longer carries the same weight that it used to carry. That is the real danger, that there’s a loss of concern for the truth.

In fact it’s an assault on one of the fundamental principles of society.

If you have the truth, you know what reality is like.

Why is reality important? We live in the real world.

We do not really need bullshit. It’s insulting. It’s a substitute for the truth. We should resist it, reject it.


A world without bullshit would be more interesting. We would lack the creative flair of bullshitters, that’s true.

But we would have the fascination and the wonderment of reality.

The world would be much better of without bullshit.

This video is based on the research of Harry Frankfurt.

Harry Frankfurt is an American philosopher and author of the New York Times Best Seller “On Bullshit”. Although first conceived as an essay over 30 years ago, his theory on bullshit is more relevant than ever before.

BULLSHIT! aims to further our understanding of what bullshit is, why there’s so much of it, and how it can be a greater enemy to the truth than lies.

BULLSHIT! from Think Nice on Vimeo.

The clip is directed by James Nee and Christian Britten.

We bring you this important message as we at IIZT believe that strong brand, or a strong message, that will last a long time, can only be established if it’s based on a reality. Especially with social media and online, there’s a huge temptation to step on the bandwagon of glitter and glamour without having any real content.


You can see that in fashion, in politics, but also in industries like health care. The further your message is away from the truth and/or reality, the bigger the gap between you and your clients or audience. Bullshit can only last as long as people like to believe it. Eventually you will be neglected by your clients.

Every brand, every company, every person has a real truth, a real story. Exactly that should be your reason of existence. We love to help you uncover that potential.


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