Social media for fashion retailers: 10 tips for successful winning campaigns [part 5]


Big chance that your store on Facebook or Instagram can be found. The question is what you do with it. Getting Likes for an announced sale is fun, but building a good relationship with fans of the store much more fun. It is possible. Textilia together with Richard Derks from IIZT, social and digital creatives explain  in a series about successful social engagement how you can easily do this. In this episode: how do you come up with a successful contest on Facebook? “Do not make your action too flat, let people make some effort.”

One of the ways quickly gather a lot of new followers on your social media is to use giveaways. Although the ‘like and share’ winning action on Facebook is now in a bad light, it is a good way for local heroes to get engagement, says Richard Derks from IIZT. The reason for the negativity is that your popularity is short-lived. These are therefore not qualitative likes.

Derks: “There is a large group of people who love free articles and promotions. The professional  participant who makes it his daily sport. They can get so sporty that they will keep a close eye on the conditions you set, start whining and try to avoid the rules.” This audience often does not belong to your target group. The data that you collect through the action are so unusable.


Take the effort

How do you appeal to the right target group? “Let people do some effort. Do not make your action too flat, like ‘invite three friends, like this photo and let us know in a comment who needs the product even more’. If a consumer likes your store and assortment, he wants to do a little more effort. “For example, giving the most original input answering a question.”

“I believe that a free party is never crowded. If you ask for entrance, it is more exclusive and has value.”


Another example is a co-creation, as IIZT started with Miss Etam years ago. “In the time that brand was not yet active on social we started a co-creation competition. The reason was the coronation of King Willem Alexander. We asked customers to design a dress for Princess Máxima. Using a model, they were able to get started, upload the image and collect votes. The winning design was eventually taken into production. The Facebook page generated a growth from 10,000 to 1,000,000 followers. The campaign was so successful because the subject appealed to the target group and called for creativity. “

10 steps to a successful wining action.
1. Define your target group. Only by addressing a specific target group you can be successful. For example, in the audience statistics on your business page see what their interests are.
2. Where is the target group. Which social media are popular among your target group?
3. Choose the action mechanism. Less steps, more success. Think of photo promotions, pins to win, hashtags.
4. Choose relevant prices.
5. Choose multiple prizes. There is more to win, which leads to a higher conversions.
6. Determine goals. You can also use the data to expand your database.
7. Determine promotional conditions. Close cheating. View the Code of Conduct for promotional games of chance.
8. Put your action live! Keep paying attention to the action but also place other content in between.
9. Make a party with the winners. Do not forget to explain how and when you announce the winner. Put winners in the sun on your own page.
10. Use the data. Who participated, what are the most important learnings and how do you use the data?

Source: Adformatie / Crowdmedia

So think carefully about which product you give away, what effect the product and the action have, what participants have to do for it and what you will do with the collected data. According to Derks, choosing relevant prices is one of the most important aspects.
The effect can be counter-productive: “The giving away of ‘free’ products can significantly reduce their value. Therefore show the added value in good photography and text. Examples are items from the new collection (exclusivity) and best-selling products (favorite items). Combine this with a certain effort that customers have to do and the success is guaranteed. ”

Did you know?
Facebook has tightened up its rules on giveaways. For example, you can no longer ask people to tag themselves or their friends. Sharing a message or liking your page can not be a condition to win a prize. Promotions may only be managed on pages or in Facebook apps and personal timelines may not be used for managing actions.



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