How a small new Dutch fashion brand gets the love from many. (Social War / Week 19)

In our weekly Social War research we measure and analyze the online engagement of more than 70 fashion brands. The winners of this week are:


Replay keeps scoring with FC Barcelona


‘Never change a winning team.’ This is a fact when it comes to Replay and FC Barcelona working together. Week after week the Italian fashion brand and the Spanish star team keep breaking engagement records. 2016 is without a doubt the year of Replay: the Italians dominated Facebook for the first months. Firstly with their high-ranking event during the Milan Fashion Week, followed by their collaboration with FC Barcelona and after that by following on to the approachable world striker Neymar Jr.


Replay is the example of a brand that knows the online behavior of their supporters. What works? What connects? What matters and what’s most fitting for the brand?

Replay keeps scoring with signaling what trends work online and giving their own twist to them. Previous we saw Neymar Jr do a dance. And this week they managed to score with an increase of 850% with a series of photo’s of the FC Barcelona players at an airport headed to Granada. No mountains, volcanoes of palm trees; just a couple of guys at an airport.

This shows how important it is to really know who your followers are.


The smaller and younger Dutch brand Filling Pieces is also really successful online

We’re happy to welcome a new Dutch brand for Fashion Friday. The young professionals over at Filling Pieces are working hard on their international presence. In 2009 the time he was still studying, Guillaume Philibert started with Filling Pieces. He wanted to cross the bridge between regular sneakers and those of designer labels. So to say: ‘The hole between adidas and Dior,’ as Guillaume Philibert said in a recent interview with the NRC. It works out perfectly well.


He’s also working hard online. We previously spoke about the ‘back2basic’ posts from brands like Lacoste and G-Star RAW. Filling Pieces masters this skill to an almost absolute perfection.


The Facebook-posts of the Dutch brand have a clear and recognizable style. We also previously wrote about the added value of having a clear and recognizable visual styling and strategy. The post has to represent a brand without the logo even being present. Do you want to know more about the added value and urge of executing the right visual strategy, then read this article.


Filling Pieces isn’t just making huge progress online. Even the ‘mainstream media’ know where to find Philibert and his contemporaries. Their ‘back2basic’ posts assure them of our first top rating in our research. Filling pieces raises their engagement this week by 185%.


Miss Etam hits a home-run with the perfect balance between a giveaway and an event

Last week we wrote about the successful collaboration between WE Fashion and LINDA.festival. This time Miss Etam worked together with the Libelle Zomerweek. With that they add two elements of engagement. Previously the brand increased their engagement by following on to de Huishoudbeurs, this week they showed that this also can be done with the Libelle Zomerweek.


Prior to the Libelle Zomerweek the Dutch brand gave away 5×2 tickets. We remain Dutch so when there’s something free, we go for it!

About the success of giveaways we wrote in a previous Fashion Friday article. Brands with a relatively small fan-base can reach high engagement by giving something away. This is something Miss Etam does often. Besides following on to an event and giving something away, they added another showstopper. A multiple choice element making this engagement-trio complete. For people to be entered into winning tickets for the event, Miss Etam uses their followers to let them know which outfit they like best.

Time after time Miss Etam knows how to increase their engagement. With knowledge of the interest of their followers and a few simple engagement-tools, Miss Etam is this week again assured of a top listing. With this engagement-trio the ladies of Miss Etam are responsible for an engagement increase of more than a 140%.

De hype voorbij, het is de nieuwe mainstream
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Social War
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