Social media for fashion retailers: loyalty clubs [part 3]

Big chance that your store on Facebook or Instagram can be found. The question is what you do with it. Getting Likes for an announced sale is fun, but building a good relationship with fans of the store much more fun. It is possible. Textilia together with Richard Derks from IIZT, social and digital creatives explain  in a series about successful social engagement how you can easily do this.

You can reward loyalty. With gifts such as coupons, customer nights and loyalty cards. Loyalty cards according to marketing specialist Richard Derks are suitable for many retailers. According to him, it is clear that customers respond very positively to loyalty systems. Via your website or cash register system, physical card or app. Biggest benefit: in return you get a huge amount of data. “Moreover, you build strong bond with your customer, which should be the main starting point,” says Derks.


Butter with the fish
However you implement a loyalty program, think carefully about the conditions. Why are you doing this and what can you afford? “With the Hema app, you score points for each purchase that you can then cash in. Miss Etam chooses to strike the points over a quarter and to make a goodie available every quarter that you can purchase with points. This gives the customer a regular reward for his purchases.” Think about what your customers expect and accept.

“If consumers do not find your point system completely honest, it can work against you. In the Netherlands a savings system is seen as butter with the fish. They prefer to get results as quickly as possible or as quickly as possible to collect points and get something in return. That time period must be very short. If you postpone the moment of receiving too long, soon the fun is gone.” So there must be a quick win.

When you want to get the consumer to your store, you have to be at least as fast as your collections. “Therefore, work with small rewards that can be obtained quickly and exchanged. Direct action, that is what you want to achieve. If you can not do this with your loyalty system, this may be the reason why 80 percent of your cardholders do not save points and therefore do not come back regularly. ”

Stay consistent

Social media can significantly increase the frequency of loyalty purchases. It’s nice if the social media fans are your users and vice versa.



As an example, Derks mentions H & M’s club card. “They were one of the first to think beyond a savings system. Events, front row sit at fashion shows, extra services such as personal shopping, competitions and promotions that are only available for club members. The large fashion chain frequently communicated this via the social media channels. And it worked. The club is still a big part of their app, mailings and social media.”

Maintaining consistency of social media promotion is especially important. Link actions and VIP evenings exclusively to members of your loyalty system and communicate everything via social media. Members know that they have to keep a close eye on them and non-members get more and more curious.

You can also show ads to members who have visited certain pages on your website, such as those about the loyalty program. A little more effort but many ‘likes’ under your posts in reward. With programs such as ShortStack you can design all sorts of actions, competitions and give-aways based on the activities on your pages. There are even programs that rely on social media loyalty, such as Antavo. Members do not save points (only) through purchases, but with their likes, comments, viewing videos, giving reviews and answering questions.


Facebook promotion: a nice new feature that Starbucks is currently using are Facebook gift cards. Richard Derks: “Through the channel you can treat someone with a coffee and send him a voucher. For example, it is fun when someone is having a birthday. ”


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