Social Travelling

Holiday selection social style

Holiday selection social style

Do you know where you will spend your summer holidays this year? How do you select it, where do you start searching?

Are you one of the dying generation that goes to a travel agency? To collect magazines and read them at home? Or do you book it online via a travel organization or just book a ticket via a airliner?

What are the criteria you search by? Price, who’s the cheapest? Location, country? Sun or Snow?

Soon we expect that the criteria will become more social. Holidays will be more about being surrounded by like minded people. The same way you and your Facebook friends will have similar likings and lifestyles, you want to see that on your holiday destination. The founder has invested in Travelmatch. Travelmatch wants to combine your likings with possible holiday destinations. It is a small step to what we believe will become standard. Then finally we can have families with babies and a Swedish Smolland children’s paradise in the airplane totally dedicated to them, and backpackers can all together fly to the same island on Thailand where they will all individually “discover” the undiscovered.


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