The German sports fashion super brand turned more popular. They were afraid of losing contact with the more exclusive groups and the niche parts of the Dutch market. They had become so mainstream, a bit of rebellion was needed.
Together with one of their biggest retail outlets Men at Work we made a surprise campaign. It combined events offline with a strong online drive. We made the IN’n’OUT parties during the summer season.

An ocean container was turned into a pop-up instant mobile disco vehicle. By surprise we showed up in different cities of Holland on the edges of industrial zones. During the party some upcoming DJ’s would spin the records. The ocean container was perfect for this event, as it got rough at some points. An MC made the event something to remember. We introduced the indian color powder, that turned into a hit in the years to follow at other events. Also adidas goodies were handed out. The announcements of the parties were done via a special app and by using Twitter and Facebook as the main social media in 2011.

Everything was registered with photo and video and of course all participants made sure that they took a lot of photos of the event. For a long time the extremely happy party photos were used as profile pictures by visitors. By the time we stopped the series of surprise parties we still received requests when the next gig would be. It was the most fun thing adidas Originals did that season.


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