The charity that wants to make a child smile in a difficult or unpleasant situation, that is Cliniclowns. This very positive, heart warming ambition needed to grow up on social media. We helped them get there. With a lot of sparring and finding out what the sensitivities and ambitions were. The biggest supporters of the Cliniclowns are the parents and grandparents, who had experienced how much their children had longed for the clowns to visit them again in the hospital. Using their positive support via social media and let them participate worked wonders. In no time we reached for the skies. With ever increasing recognition in the positive wisdoms and use of the brand, they kept scoring very high in interaction.
It was a thankful job to do. The goal to send a smile a day over the social media was a great one.
Over the years we also did online competitions, elections and many more fun things that activated their supporters.


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