H&M Europe’s biggest

The Swedish mega fashion chain H&M was about to open its biggest store in Europe. Right in the heart of Rotterdam. To attract attention to this happening, we created with them an online and social game. Involving mainly people interested in fashion, lifestyle and living in the agglomeration of Rotterdam, we made a game that reflected the excitement of being first in line. The current collection for both men and women were translated into graphical cartoon styles. In the background we created an urban skyline of Rotterdam in just black and white drawings.
We let people create their own avatar. They could select their skin, hair, features etc. On top of that they chose their name and of course could make their own outfit and accessories.

They got during the days leading to the opening questions about fashion and Rotterdam. The goal was to be as high as possible in the line-up. Every day those ranked highest in line would win fashion vouchers and an invite to the opening event.

To make it even more exciting: you could click on a person. Then this person was notified by mail or via social media. They got 24 hours to click the other person back. If they did not do that, they would swop places. This lead to a lot of return visits and constant activity around the game.
It was a great success that generated a lot of attention and rumour. The database was further extended and the opening of the biggest shop in Europe was buzzed in the community of fashion lovers in greater Rotterdam.


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