The Japanese car manufacturer became the brand with the most sold car in Holland during the time we did their social and in store promotion. The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV was a phenomenon. Right on time and totally on trend, it offered the first bigger family car that could drive totally electric. But of course you could also use it as fuel driven car. Honesty needs to say that with the Dutch government a deal was made that a purchase of this car for entrepreneurs made it almost an offer your couldn’t refuse.
We helped Mitsubishi with their online social strategy. Later the entire website would be renewed, we had to make sure that for the time being the right people were reached. We also helped them to display their sales records in the car sales locations.

mitsubishi-IIZT 10.000_outdor_mockup-IIZT_mitsubishi 10.000_salon_banner-IIZT_mitsubishi 10.000 IIZT_mitsubishi 10k_poster-1 IIZT_mitsubishi


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