One of the most known brands of Holland is the national airline. Mighty popular, well networked and loved. But when the Eyjafjallajökull volcano erupted and worldwide flights got cancelled a PR nightmare cropped up. Out of nowhere. With KLM being a newbee on social media, in the time when Hyves was still a thing, they had to leapfrog knowledge and skills to catch up with their clients. The client created a lot of turmoil online, especially via social media. The marketing manager rather switched off the social channels, not knowing that closing your ears would not stop the noise. IIZT stepped in to create the first international campaign leaning heavily on Facebook and Twitter. KLM started to rearrange and rebook flights and accomodation using social media for thousands of people stuck all over the world. The current site was not made for such abnormal situations. Social media was the best option. To also create a positive vibe and steer away from merely questions around an insecure situation, the campaign was built up. In the end KLM makes dreams come true. It takes people to places to love to see. With Dream Destinations we from IIZT made a strategy and execution where people could indicate on the world map, using their social accounts and mail addresses, where they wanted to go and what the reason was. People could dream and say what sparked their imagination. Every day KLM announced winners, worldwide, and gave them their Dream Destination trip. The charm offensive surely worked as people rather talk about nice things. It softened the tune of stormy period for KLM.


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