Koninklijke Luchtmacht

In a co-operation with ARA we provided the interactive online translation for the award winning campaign of the Dutch Royal Air force. The Air force has a full professional staff. They always need new recruits. Preferably those who finished secondary school and choose to get their military training. For a lot of kids, it’s part of their dream. The world of the air force is kind of sexy where you have the option to work with machines and tools that are worth fortunes. And you get to be active, both tactical and execution wise.
The fight for talented new young adults is harsh. So they need to make full potential of their properties and image. Also they need to step beyond the traditional advertising for new students and employees. The communication also has to be ahead of others.
We build a relationship with young kids and let them play all kinds of games online if they’re into planes and helicopters and army. They can score points. Also we organize live events, where the kids can visit military locations and meet professionals and see their equipment for real.
Much of what we built was ground breaking for that time. We made websites that functioned as video walls. We made robots that functioned as MSN chat personas to let people connect with the army, also connecting networks with each other.


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