The COC is the largest and most official organization in Holland representing the LGBT community. As everything in society, the internet made a big impact on how they work, how they got their message across and where their (potential) members were.
As social and online specialists and understanding their audience we helped them with establishing a new strategy for the future. And how online and social should help. Would it be inclusive or more authoritative? It leaded to very interesting conversations. And it resulted into the next steps to follow.
We also did some very cool productions that we’re still proud of. In connection with Linkedin, we set up a measuring tool to see how LGBT friendly working environments are. Do we tease? Do we pay equal? What are chances to make promotion? Can you be out, or should you stay in the closet? Worse or better? With questionnaires linking to companies we got the best scoring list of working environments. It was the conversation starter to measure companies and put a topic on the agenda that is too often overlooked.


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