Social War

Too many people talk about what’s going on with social media. Like frogs in a pond, all are quaking their truths. We want to advise clients not only on our gut feeling and experience, but also based on measured proof. That’s how in 2011 we started to measure over 60 worldwide fashion brands. We mapped out all their social channels and started with a weekly measurement of every brand. We measured what they did. More importantly we measured the impact of their actions. This lead to a lot of insights that had never been so clear before.

Nowadays we write in magazines like and about our findings. You can also subscribe to these findings. It’s information and knowledge that you cannot miss. It gives you very practical tips on how to become better at your own game. Our clients always profit from these insights. If you need a deeper analysis into you and your competitors and find out where your chances are, contact us. We’re super experienced.


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