We need more rubber lovers. Please, do it, but do it safe. Durex wants to make using rubbers as normal as possible.
We created the first ever Dutch campaign on Facebook. Not just for Durex, but for the country as a whole. One of our milestones we’re still proud of. When others were still discussing Hyves, we already knew that the target group was on Facebook.
In a battle between boys and girls we let users do all kinds of things to compete with each other, flirt with each other through the app and keep a log book of their scores. This was of course long before Tinder. The working of the campaign site, supported by all kinds of media and even Dutch celebrities and press, was quite smart. You could compete using Hyves and Facebook, and for the Belgian players Netlog.
It was a lot of fun and it put Durex right at the center of communication where the youngsters are.


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